As the pioneers of abrasion-resistant steel plates back in 1955, Everhard Steel has been at the forefront of plate production and continues to lead the way. Everhard steel plates are commonly used to manufacture critical components of machinery used in the mining, agricultural and construction industries, as well as for a variety of other functions.

There are three different series of steel plates:the Standard series with five grades ranging from C340-C550, the High Toughness series with three grades spanning C400LE-C500LE, and the Everhard Super Grade series with its premium EHSP super abrasion resistant plates. If you’d like anything from the Everhard Steel range, including EHSP plates, contact the professionals at Australian Steel.

Your Local Suppliers of Ehsp Plates and More

Australian Steel has been at the forefront of Everhard steel supply for over three decades. We have more than 3,000 tonnes of stock to move, suitable for a vast range of industries and purposes. Whether you’re in manufacturing, agriculture or construction, you can rest assured you’ll find what you need within our high-quality range of products.

Australian Steel delivers right across Australia, so place your ESHP order online or call (03) 9580 2200 today.