Australian Steel offers steel rolling to Melbourne clients. We have the resources to provide steel pressing and steel rolling services in a large capacity. In addition to this, we can also provide quality cold and hot rolled steel plate stock in a range of thicknesses and grades. Speak to us about your specific steel rolling requirements today to learn more.

Steel Folding

Australian Steel also offers steel folding and bending steel services to ensure your steel fulfils your needs. From basic folds right through to complex shapes, our steel folding bed has the capacity to fold steel for a range of requirements. Let us know your particular needs and we’ll endeavour to produce your desired steel folding result to your specifications.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is basically hot rolled steel that has had additional processing where the material is cooled to room temperature. However, the cold rolled steel has a low amount of carbon content and is usually annealed, making it softer than hot rolled steel. This process is done to produce steel sheet sizes and shapes that have closer dimensional tolerances and a broader range of surface finishes.

Talk to Our Experts Today

With over 35 years of experience in the steel industry, you can trust Australian Steel to provide the best steel products and services in Melbourne and across the country. In addition to steel pressing, steel rolling and steel folding, we also offer a variety of other cutting and post-cutting services. Speak to us about your specific needs by calling us on (03) 9580 2200, send an email to, or complete our online contact form.