In addition to the great range of steel products we can provide to clients in Melbourne and across Australia, Australian Steel offers a variety of steel plate testing services. These include:

Ultrasonic Weld Inspection

Also known as ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic weld inspection is a non-destructive testing method that uses mechanical vibrations and ultrasonic energy to determine the presence of internal flaws, detail the extent of them, and also characterise and grade specific materials. Ultrasonic weld inspection is widely believed to be the non-destructive testing technique that provides the most accurate results and details of composition for steel products and other metal alloys.


Charpy testing, also known as impact testing or steel impact testing, helps to ascertain whether a particular metal or steel product can be classified as brittle or ductile (i.e. able to be physically manipulated or reshaped without compromising on strength) simply by the way the electrical energy is absorbed when the test piece becomes fractured. During the process of impact testing, a brittle metal will pick up less energy than a ductile test metal subject, which will absorb a lot. Charpy testing ultimately benefits researchers looking to determine which steels will change from ductile to brittle with just a decrease in temperature as its primary catalyst for change.

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