Australian Steel offers profile cutting and other types of steel cutting in Melbourne and across Australia to an exceptional standard. We can cut to size steel or any other metal and follow your shape specifications using various steel cutting methods:

Oxy Cutting

Oxy cutting is one of the low-cost cutting methods we use to make a steel plate cut to size using a CNC controlled cutting machine. An oxy acetylene flame is used for plates that are up to 300mm thick.

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is one of our most effective steel cutting methods, using pre-heating for very thick materials which other cutting methods can’t. To manufacture flame cut profiles, the flame starts by heating up a spot on the metal. A high-pressure stream of pure oxygen is then directed to this spot, which ignites the oxygen that allows for a clean cut.

High-Definition (HD) Plasma Cutting

HD plasma cutting is a process commonly used to cutting a carbon or steel plate to size. Plasma places less heat stress in the steel material, meaning the material experiences less distortion. HD plasma cutting machines send a pressurised gas through a small channel that will be electrically charged, forming a plasma arc that is used for cutting steel.

Laser Cutting Steel

The most common method used for laser cutting structural steel in the industry is cutting with a CO2 laser. Heat distortion is minimal, making this form of profile cutting one of the most suitable steel cutting methods to use with thinner materials.

How Australian Steel Can Help You

Our Melbourne based profile cutting company stocks a wide range of material grades and if the material you’re looking for is not in stock, we’ll strive to source it for you within 48 hours. We can also provide our profile cutting services for your free-issue material.

Our services match impressive expertise with state-of-the-art profile cutting equipment to deliver the best possible result, allowing us to cut metals with an extremely high level of accuracy. This means cuts with clean edges and minimal distortion.

Pre- and Post-Cutting Services

Talk to us about the variety of cutting services we can provide to prepare your choice of metal for its intended application. These services include:



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If you’re searching for a company offering steel cutting in Melbourne that can oxy cut, flame cut, plasma cut or laser cut steel online, or if you require more information on the profile cutting services we offer to Melbourne clients – and clients across the country – please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Call us on (03) 9580 2200, email, or fill out our online enquiry form.