Boiler plates are a type of thick steel sheet that are often used in the construction of boilers. They’re best suited to applications involving low and moderate temperatures, which makes the material highly suitable for pressure vessels and industrial boilers. Australian Steel is your home of A516-70 and 7-460NR boilerplate steel, providing highly functional options that make boiler construction significantly easier.

Discover the Benefits of A516-70 and 7-460NR Boilerplate Steel

Designed to deliver reliable performance in lower temperatures, the high-quality A516-70 boiler plate steel from Australian Steel boasts good weldability and notch toughness, making it a popular choice with the oil, petrochemical and gas industries.

7-460NR boilerplate steel is renowned for its excellent weldability, its guaranteed tensile strength levels and its strong formability. It’s little surprise that the material is widely used for the production of boiler plates.

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Boasting more than 35 years of experience in the steel industry, you can rely on Australian Steel to deliver the best quality steel products and services across the country. In addition to supplying boiler plates and other steel plate stock, we also offer a variety of cutting and post-cutting services, including bending, drilling, stress relieving, bevelling, machining, and more. If you have any specific needs in mind, or have any questions about A516-70 or 7-460NR boilerplate steel, please let us know and we’ll strive to accommodate your requirements.

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