Strenx 700 (Formerly Known AsWeldox 700, Domex 700and Optim 700)

Boasting a supreme level of hardiness and durability, there are many reasons why builders opt for Strenx 700 (previously known as Weldox 700, Domex 700and Optim 700) high-strength structural steelfor building and construction projects. Available from Australian Steel, the Strenx name is synonymous with quality and toughness, with properties that make it ideal for building highly demanding load bearing structures. Common applications for Strenx / Domex 700/ Weldox 700 include steel bridges, container frame structures, building constructions, snow sheds, vehicle chassis, and more.

Properties and Features of Strenx 700

Strenx 700 MPa grade structural steel boasts numerous properties and features, including:

  • Excellent weather resistance
  • High weldability
  • Quality corrosion resistance
  • Good formability

Available in Strenx 700E and 700F options, the 700E plates come in thicknesses ranging from 4-160mm while Strenx 700F is available in 4-130mm thicknesses. Both the E and F grades can be purchased in widths up to 3350mm and lengths up to 14,630mm depending on thickness.

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Whether you know it as Domex 700, Weldox 700, Optim700, or under the new Strenx name, Australian Steel is your go-to destination for all Strenx 700 structural steel materials in Melbourne. Pick up from our yard in Braeside or we can deliver to your construction / development site in the local metropolitan area. To enquire about stock levels or to seek further information, give us a call today on (03) 9580 2200.