G250 steel is regarded as the most common grade available. Like G350 steel, it is considered to be a ‘mild’ type of steel; one with less than a 0.2 percent carbon level and a mild steel yield strength. It also comes available in two different forms: pattern plate form and coil form. Because of the varying methods of production, both G250 steel types can have different properties and perform in different ways. Therefore they are rarely used interchangeably and are best used for specific applications.

At Australian Steel, we stock G250 steel that complies with AS/NZS 3678, which controls the material and welding standards of the likes of structural steel, hot-rolled plates, floor plates and slabs. If you’re looking for grade 250 steel or an AS3679 grade 250 equivalent in either flat plate or coil form in Melbourne, discover the range available at Australian Steel today.

Common Properties and Characteristics of Grade 250 Steel

Like all steels with a mild steel yield strength, G250 steel (and its AS3679 250 grade steel equivalent) is wildly versatile in its multitude of uses. It’s a highly weldable material that’s extremely durable with the right treatment, offering just enough flexibility to avoid cracking and breaking under specific conditions. Common uses for G250 steel include general metal fabrication, structural members, high rise buildings, storage tanks, bridges, and more.

G250 Steel Shoring

G250 Steel can be used for shoring applications and is perfect to provide much needed structural support for large trenches or excavations. Whatever shoring requirement you have, Australian Steel can provide 250 grade steel in a range of sizes. Speak to us to discuss your specific needs.

Australian Steel is your local supplier of quality G250 steel and the AS3679 grade 250 equivalent for your next project. Get in touch with us today to place your order or find out more.

Tensile Properties (Transverse)

Thickness (mm)

5 ≤ t ≤ 88 < t ≤ 1212 < t ≤ 5050 < t ≤ 8080 < t ≤ 115115 < t ≤ 150

Yield Strength (Mpa)

Guaranteed Min



290 – 480260 – 360260 – 380250 – 370240 – 370240 – 340

Tensile Strength (Mpa)

Guaranteed Min



420 – 540420 – 500420 – 510440 – 520440 – 510450 – 510

Elong. On 5.65√S0 (%)

Guaranteed Min



23 – 4728 – 4528 – 4528 – 4025 – 3827 – 38



120 – 160BHN


3mm – 300mm

Values are to be used as a guide only. Actual values of specific plates can be obtained by contacting us on 0395802200