Do you need to purchase new road plates due to an increase in various Government-led roadway projects, or do your current road plates no longer meet required standards? Australian Steel has all your needs covered, with AS3679 grade equivalent, G250 steel road plates designed and made to specification for optimal safety in road construction situation.

Also known as traffic plates, these heavy duty steel coverings are used to temporarily block off large excavated holes while civil engineering or road construction works are being completed. Australian Steel can custom cut road plates, traffic plates and trench shields to any size, shape or specification.

Choosing the Right Traffic Plates for Your Needs

When it comes to traffic plates and trench shields, unfortunately it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. There are numerous environmental factors to consider when selecting the right road plates for your project. Among these factors are:

  • Soil specifics – Including type, moisture content and water table
  • Stability of the ground (as well as any expected ground vibrations)
  • Any space limitations
  • The presence of any essential services or utilities (e.g. gas or water) underground in the area where you wish to dig
  • The system of work intended to be used with the equipment

With these points of consideration in mind, an Australian Steel specialist can help you choose the most appropriate road plates and G250 steel coverings for the safety of your workers and surrounding foot traffic.

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When working in civil engineering or road construction, it’s vital to maintain optimal workplace safety. Contact Australian Steel today for assistance and advice on the best road plates for your workplace.