Heat Treating Processes

There are several other processes available for heat treating steel. Among them are:

  • Annealing – The process of heating the steel to a particular temperature and then cooling it at a generally slow rate that will create an advanced microstructure that will either completely or partially separate the parts. The process is most commonly used to soften a metal for improved machinability or to optimise certain properties of the metal, such as electrical conductivity.
  • Carburising –This is the process of strengthening iron based alloys by heating them to below melting point and adding carbon to its surface by exposing the melted alloy to carbon enriched liquids, solids or gases.
  • Drawing (also known as tempering) – After being hardened, the steel is reheated and held at a particular temperature before being quenched or submerged in water or oil in order to accelerate the fixing of the hardened structure.

Other heat treating processes for steel materials include precipitation hardening, cyanide hardening and nitriding, among several others.

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