Hardox steel is known for its exceptional hardness, toughness and abrasion resistance – and the Hardox 400 plate is no exception. This all-round, wear-resistant steel has a nominal hardness of 400 HBW, with a toughness, bendability and weldability that makes it suitable for structures and components subject to moderate wear.

Why Choose Hardox?

Hardox steel is the gold standard in abrasion resistance. Thanks to its hardness, toughness and durability, it can withstand the most aggressive wear environments and even act as a load-bearing component in some applications. This is steel that will rise to any challenge, delivering superior performance to keep your equipment – and your business – running smoothly.

Services for Steel Plate

In addition to providing Hardox 400, Australian Steel also offers the following services:

  • Oxy cutting, plasma cutting and bevel cutting
  • NC Drilling
  • Wash grinding
  • Stress relieving
  • Digitising
  • Folding and rolling
  • Testing
  • Etching
  • Inkjet marking
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
To learn more about Hardox 400, please call us on (03) 9580 2200 or email steel@australiansteel.com.au.