A516 Grade 70 Steel Plate

ASTM a516 Grade 70 steel is a versatile pressure vessel plate that’s well-suited to low and moderate temperature applications, making it an ideal material for industrial boilers and pressure vessels. This type of steel plate delivers reliable performance in low temperatures, offers good weldability, and boasts superb notch toughness, making it highly suitable for boiler plate fabrication. Frequently used within the oil, petrochemical and gas industries, an A516-70 carbon steel sheet can be utilised for a wide range of applications.


The full name of the A516 / SA516 standard is “Standard Specification for Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel, for Moderate- and Lower-Temperature Service”. This specification covers carbon steel plates manufactured for service in welded pressure vessels where improved notch toughness is critical. It is often used as the default material specification for pressure vessel applications and is commonly used by designers and engineers across many industrial sectors.

a516 steel plate offers mechanical properties such as improved elongation, yield and tensile strength over the ASTM A516 Grade 65 and 60, has a density of 7.85kg per cubic metre, and can operate in lower temperatures than A516-65 steel plate. All of these factors will be determined by a tension test the plate stock undergoes.

Australian Steel is a trusted supplier of ASTM A516 Grade 70 steel plate within Australia. In addition, we also offer flame-cutting services to your required measurements, as well as a range of post-cutting services. Whether you require your pressure vessel plate stock to be bent, drilled, wash grinded or stress relieved, we can deliver precisely what you need to your specifications.

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Tensile Properties (Transverse)

Thickness (mm)

t ≤ 1616 < t ≤ 4040 < t ≤ 150

Yield Strength (Mpa)

Guaranteed Min



360 – 520370 – 470290 – 420

Tensile Strength (Mpa)

Guaranteed Min



485 – 620485 – 620485 – 620

Elong. On 5.65√S0 (%)

Guaranteed Min



22 – 3422 – 3322 – 31



130 – 170BHN


6mm – 150mm

Values are to be used as a guide only. Actual values of specific plates can be obtained by contacting us on 0395802200