Renowned for its superior level of weldability, bendability and its excellent cutting properties, Optim 700 structural steel is a popular choice for builders and manufacturers of frame structures for mobile vehicles, commercial vehicle superstructures, equipment specifically designed for load-handling, and much more. Australian Steel is your home for Optim 700 steel in Melbourne, providing manufacturers and builders with the necessary materials to construct and create products and structures of the highest quality.

Optim 700 Properties and Features

When you order your quantity of Optim 700 steel from Australian Steel, you’ll soon discover the metal’s extensive range of properties and features. Among these are:

  • High-strength
  • Superior bendability
  • Enhanced ability to be cut into any size or shape with plasma, laser or other methods
  • Greater impact strength

Optim 700 structural steel is available in sheets, steel plates and coils,plus itmore than meets the standards of EN 10149-2.

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When you needOptim 700 steel materials for your next project, Australian Steel is your one-stop destination in Melbourne. We can deliver to your metropolitan worksite or you can pick up from our Braeside yard. If you’d like further information on any of our products and services, including Optim 700 stock levels, give us a call today on (03) 9580 2200.