Looking for Australia’s only manufactured steel plate that is abrasion resistant, high tensile,and quenched and tempered before becoming available for use? You can rely on Bisalloy Steel, available from Australian Steel, to meet your requirements. Due to its durability and strong resistance to abrasion, Bisalloy steel is typically the first choice when it comes to jobs where an extreme potential for abrasion exists

Bisalloy steel comes in a variety of Structural, Wear and Armour / Defence Grades, each of them with a different steel product to meet a particular need. Amongst the wear grades, for example, you will find BIS 360, BIS 400, BIS 500 and more. Each boasts varying levels of carbon and hardness, making certain types far more suitable for particular projects than others. And you’ll find them all for purchase here at Australian Steel.

Everything You Need In One Location

Australian Steel is proud to supply Bisalloy steel in Melbourne and across Australia. Over the last 35 years, we have accrued almost 4,000 tonnes of steel, from offcuts and sheets to uncollected orders and much more – so finding the right amount of Bisalloy steel you need won’t be too difficult. Discover our complete range of available products and services, including flame cutting of your Bisalloy steel sheets, as well as wash grinding, plate etching and more.

No matter what Bisalloy steel you’re after, whether it’s BIS 360, BIS 400, BIS 500 or one of the other grades, you’ll find it at Australian Steel. Call us now on (03) 9580 2200, or get in touch through our online contact form.