Australian Steel is one of the country’s top wear plates suppliers, offering a range of thicknesses from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Whether you require steel for bucket cutting edges, tipper body steel, weld overlay plate, or chromium carbide plate for heavy-duty applications, we can provide the wear plate you need.

Hardox Steel

Hardox wear resistant steel plate can stand up to any challenge. Hard, tough and abrasion-resistant, it offers superior performance in the most aggressive applications and the toughest wear environments, including as a load-bearing part. It is available in grades ranging from Hituf up to 600 wear liners for high-performance applications.

Bisalloy Steel

Under the name BISPLATE, Bisalloy is Australia’s only manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel wear plate that is high-tensile and abrasion-resistant. It comes in a wide variety of grades that cover applications ranging from storage bins through to submarines.


JFE Everhard’s wear resistant steel plate is available in 9 grades. It offers good weldability and workability, as well as exceptional resistance to abrasion. As a result, it covers a multitude of applications across the construction, cement, mining, steel, gas and chemical industries.


AR500 is abrasion-resistant steel used in mining, materials handling, and ballistics applications such as rifle grade targets. Each sheet is heat-treated by the manufacturers to bring the hardness up to 500BHN, making it much harder than traditional steel.

Weld Overlay Plate

Weld overplay plate is useful in a variety of industries and wear-resistant applications where temperature, abrasion corrosion, erosion and impact are major elements. This multi-purpose wear plate is available in a range of plate thicknesses from as little as 5mm through to 16mm, and hardfacing thicknesses from 3mm through to 20mm.

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