Looking for heavy duty, high-strength structural steel from leading suppliers in Australia? Australian Steel stocks a wide range of high strength steel plate from some of the industry’s top brands. Our available options include:

BIS 80

The yield stress of Bisplate 80 (or BIS 80) structural steel is three times that of carbon steel. It features low carbon, great notch toughness, and good weldability and formability.

Applications: Transport equipment, bridges, high rise buildings, storage tanks, mining equipment, excavator buckets, lifting equipment, and induced draft fans.


With a minimum yield strength of approximately 650-700Mpa, Weldox 700 high strength structural steel boasts exceptional toughness and is highly suited to welding.

Applications: Forklifts, buildings, bridges, excavator buckets, skips, cranes, trailers, and forestry machines.


Optim 700 offers excellent weldability, bendability and cutting properties.

Applications: Frame structures for mobile vehicles, frames and booms for forestry vehicles, superstructures of commercial vehicles, load-handling equipment, masts, crane arms, and other lifting equipment.


Domex 700 is a weather-resistant, extra high strength structural steel plate characterised by impact toughness, weldability, corrosion resistance and good formability

Applications: Steel bridges, container frame structures, chimney cases, vehicle chassis, rail wagons, masts, snow sheds, and building constructions.


The Strenx 700 MC Plus boasts advanced cold formability and impact toughness for highly demanding applications.

Applications: Demanding load-bearing structures.

Steel Shoring

Looking for local suppliers of steel for shoring equipment? Australian Steel are premier suppliers of structural steel we have a range of sizes to suit your particular shoring specifications. Contact Australian Steel directly to discuss your requirements.