Stud welding (sometimes called stud arc welding) involves welding fasteners like threaded studs or nuts to a metal component such as a wear plate liner. The two types of stud welding that are used are Capacitor Discharge (CD) and Drawn Arc (ARC).

This process allows for much faster weld rates because it eliminates the need for punching, drilling, threading, riveting, screwing, gluing and finishing. This means it can help save a large amount of time and money. It can also allow for more design flexibility, a higher quality product, and a stronger and more accurate join.

The type of metal being welded will determine the polarity being used during the process. For example, aluminium typically requires DCEP (direct-current electrode positive) and steel typically requires DCEN (direct-current electrode negative).

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Our stud welding service covers all types of arc-welded studs, and as with all Australian Steel services, the job is carried out by experienced welders with a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and a superior result – no matter what the project entails.

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